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Jim Lawrence – Feature Artist of the Month
ArtFirst! artist, Jim Lawrence is a prolific nature photographer who captures the most precious moments in the wild.  His photographs tell a story and draw you into his world of wonder in the nature he explores every day of his life.  

@ ArtFirst! Gallery

June 29 – Aug 24

ArtFirst! Artists Exhibit at Visual Arts Centre
A group of artists including ArtFirst! members, Jo C Willems and Peter Blackmore, pay tribute to Pat Wells: A Carvers Legacy 

Aug 31 – Sept 21

Peter Blackmore: “My Encaustic Journey” at Visual Arts Centre
Peter Blackmore’s artwork is from his heart and soul. He works mostly in encaustic and each piece is as much about touch as it is visual. When painting with other mediums he often uses
his fingers because then he is closer to the work
— feeling the painting emerge and feeling the flow.

Peter uses a small hot iron or torch to burn in the images. The outcome is always a bit unpredictable and that is what he likes. The love of encaustic art and the exciting journey it has taken him on. 

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