michelle c spragg

michelle c spragg

Michelle Spragg

“As pristine waters cascade through the lush back-country, the soul is beckoned. Surrounded by the grandeur of the mountains, the stars cast a spell of illumination. After a long day of seeking, it is finally time to rest – you made it.

Poignant moments like these can serve to lend clarity, perseverance and inspiration in maneuvering through this intricate web called life. Imagine capturing your life’s greatest moments and keeping those memories alive long after they passed. What vision would you create? Would you go back to a time when you were your very best, to experience those feelings once again?

If you have a big vision that needs help being expressed, I am always seeking new inspiration! If you would like to commission some unique art for yourself or someone you love, made especially for you, contact me.

Anything you can imagine, I can create!”

ArtFirst! Gallery
1-113 First St. West,
Revelstoke, British Columbia 
250-837-2212   artfirstcoop@gmail.com