John morrison

john morrison

John Morrison

“My introduction to photography was a unique on. There were no photography schools or assisting years. I am self taught with many Ansel Adams printmaking seminars over the years as well as the study of watercolor painting, composition and design.

Upon leaving high school, I was employed by a biologist to be his pack mule and accompany him into remote wilderness areas while he was doing his masters degree in biology with the University of Calgary. The two years in the field he was working on were on the Grizzly Bear.
David’s objective was to study habitat and gather bear scats to identify their primary food sources in the Big Bend area.

During these two seasons, I encountered Caribou and many Grizzlies with their cubs. It was during these hours sitting observing and gaining a great respect for these animals and their often difficult lives, that my respect for them and these “wild places” grew. One thing became apparent and that is that man is the earth’s greatest predator, not these bears.

As a mountain climber, I knew the high alpine environments and observed weather patterns changing quickly. The opportunity to try and capture some of this beauty required a camera. My first was a second hand Pentax Spotmatic 11.

Soon the transition from taking pictures to making pictures evolved and with it, my desire to submit photos to magazines like Beautiful B.C. magazine and B.C. Tourism.
After opening my own photo studio I made several trips to Vancouver to take lighting workshops and begin creating a portfolio of work.

I had a crazy idea of shooting fashion photos up on the glaciers surrounding Revelstoke. Linda Lundstrom was a Canadian fashion designer based in Toronto with a lingerie line represented by Kakino and Associates in Vancouver.
I borrowed Linda’s line and brought Vancouver top model Leni Pear to Revelstoke to shoot in the mountains, hanging from the helicopter and gracing the high alpine in her lingerie and heels.
Linda loved the pictures and asked me to shoot her new LaParka line she was launching. Over the Christmas period, Linda came out and we got Leni back and shot for three days on the glaciers around Revelstoke’s Mt. Begbie.
This was the beginning of a twelve year relationship shooting for Lundstrom Inc.

It became obvious I needed to move to Vancouver to pursue advertising photography which I did and within a short time opened two photos studios. I taught at Pacific Vocational Institute and held workshops as well as operated the studios.
My clients included B.C. Ferries, Supernatural B.C., C.P Rail, fashion designers, film studios and several ads agencies. I shot annual reports and model portfolios.

Hasselblad Cameras hosted a Canadian Fashion Photographers photo contest. I won the Gold for Color Fashion Photography and the Bronze for Black and White. The awards show was held in Toronto. Flying out to Toronto and receiving the coveted Hasselblad camera set the seeds for the next obvious move which I did and established a studio at 99 Sudbury Street.

In Toronto I shot everything, magazines, annual reports, pharmaceuticals, BMW car ads, fashion …..
My time in Vancouver was 6 years. The Toronto studio operated for 10 years through the 80’s and part of the 90’s.

I received a Green Card and worked in New York and Chicago.

Fashion photography as competitive as it is requires being plugged into the major designers, hair stylists and makeup artists coming from Europe.
I had to move to the U.S. and chose Dallas Texas as a central point to put in a studio. I worked both coasts, east and west and began shooting fashion nationally and internationally.

Two years in Dallas then I relocated to California and continued to shoot for the Sun Tan industry, swimsuit campaigns and for clients like Journeys Shoes, Nokia, Vans, The X Games and many clients who were looking to re-invent or kick start their brands with cool edgy rock and roll style imagery.
I spent 16 years in California, working in San Francisco and Los Angeles. My home was in Northern California above Calistoga in a town called Middletown.

In L.A. I shot actresses, actors, fashion, hair and music. It was a lot of fun and absolutely a rock and roll lifestyle without the drugs or the sex.
Working with such a wide varied mix of personality types allowed me a rewarding ability to cut through the layers and shoot exciting authentically self inspired imagery which also made it possible to win many awards for advertising campaigns. Awards never meant anything to me but clients seem to like lists of awards.

I was fortunate to shoot on movie sets, music videos and countless locations worldwide.
Something I always did was street cast for talent to get fresh looks and creativity sometimes difficult to achieve with professional models. I’ve worked with musicians, sports figures, CEO’s actors, actresses, porn stars, top models and all sorts of animals as well.

My style appealed to European Clients looking for edgier lifestyle imagery with a fashion look. Location photography is something I love and have much experience with. I have shot big campaigns in the frozen north, tropical countries and just about every climate, each presenting their own challenges and rewards . The quality of light on the Turks and Caicos Islands is magical.

Currently I am shooting the edgy sexy imagery which appeals to clients whose demographic is younger and more “out there” concept wise.
It’s never boring.
If a client, agency, individual or brand requires fresh, cool, energetic vibrant imagery with that “clip from a piece of film look”, with strong graphic design elements, my style works for that.

In 2008 I relocated to Canada to deal with for personal family matters. Currently I am doing fine art abstract nature imagery. When photographing nature subjects I approach with a mindset that I am taking a portrait. It’s more of a spiritual expression than a photographic one. I am also shooting hair and doing album photography for select musicians. I offer workshops and have been invited as a guest speaker at camera clubs, hair and makeup schools, and do “one on one mentoring” for anyone who wishes to enter the world of advertising photography, hair, makeup modelling, or photo styling.”


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